Detailed explanation of sand and gravel aggregate industry chain – take SHM machine as an example

The compound cone crusher adopts the selective crushing of material layers. The crushing cavity is filled with feeding materials, and the materials are subjected to a full set of extrusion, shearing and rubbing in the crushing cavity to achieve the purpose of crushing and crushing, so that the walls of the crushing cavity avoid direct contact, effectively prevent the lining plates from eroding, avoiding the contamination of the materials with metal contaminants, thereby reducing the degree of wear and wear parts of the machine, effectively extending the service life of wear-resistant parts.
The crushing ratio is generally higher than other similar equipment. The crushing ratio of the machine is increased, the particle size of the product is very random, and the size can be adjusted arbitrarily. The crushing force of the cone crusher has a certain relationship with the eccentric static moment and the speed of the machine. By adjusting the crushing gap, the required crushing ratio can be easily adjusted.

Here are some very useful cone crushers

CS Spring Cone Crusher、HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher、HPT Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
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