Clay minerals are the main minerals that make up clay rocks and soils. They are some hydrous silicate minerals mainly containing aluminum and magnesium. Except for sepiolite and palygorskite, which have a chain-layered structure, the others all have a layered structure. The particles are extremely fine, generally less than 0.01 mm. After adding water, it has different degrees of plasticity.

Clay crushing and grinding equipment

There is also complete clay mining crushing plant provided for you, such as stationary plant, portable crusher plant and mobile crushing screening plant, etc. In all these plants, we can install screening equipment and feeders according to your requirements. There is whole clay grinding plant which can be designed and improved based on your requirements. In the clay grinding plant, there will be also powder classifier, cyclone collector, decelerator, blower, clay crusher, elevator, feeder and control cabinet.

Clay processing flow

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